Sleep over rules

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How late should sleep over children stay up?

Sleep over rules

Let them stay up a little bit past their regular bedtime. The easiest way to ensure some effort towards this goal is to plan to start an age appropriate movie right after completion of their normal bedtime rituals. If possible, set a TV/VCR up in the same room where the children will sleep. If they happen to fall asleep prematurely, just leave them.



9/23/2006 4:07:44 AM
becky said:

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9/29/2006 8:59:53 PM
destiny said:

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10/30/2006 9:50:07 PM
Patti said:

Children need to learn to be alone. Having a t.v. in their room makes them dependent on sleep aids. If you feel your child needs something to calm them, quietly play classical music. Sets of CDs of classical music are being sold in lullaby formats for babies plus it's more calming. Having to keep your eyes open to watch tv isn't very soothing in my opinion.


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