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How can I limit television viewing?

Limit Television Viewing

Watching too much television can distract your kids from doing their homework. Discuss with your child limiting television viewing to one or two hours per day. Make sure that what they watch is appropriate for their age level


M&M Colors

If you are trying to teach your toddler his colors, consider using M&M's. You can give your child an M&M for every color he identifies correctly. He will have his colors down pat in no time!

How should your kids do their homework?

Study Habits

Make your kids do their homework together and in front of you. Try sitting down at the dinner table. Allow them to talk to one another occasionally and consistently offer help. Also, try to let the older child help the younger. This way the older children will feel proud about what they know and the younger will aspire to learn more.

How do I find out more about homeschooling?

Home Education Resources

Check your local library for information on local support groups, and books on home education.

How do I deal with people that disapprove of homeschooling?

Why Aren't Your Kids In School?

If you're out with the kids, and someone asks why they're not in school, reply with enthusiasm "Oh, we're homeschoolers - we have a nice, flexible schedule!" They'll either agree, or just stare in wonder at your great attitude.

Do you need a reminder as to why we all parent?

I'll Love You Forever

Robert Munsch has done it again! Grab a kleenex before you start this one. Great book to include with a baby shower or Mother's Day gift!

What can I do to stop screaming at my kids?

Why? Why? Why?

Answer your child's "why" questions with patience and understanding. This is building their encyclopedia of knowledge.

How do I deal with people that disapprove of homeschooling?


Give yourself some credit! You taught your child to walk and talk. What makes you think you can't teach him/her to read or write?!

Do you treat your children differently but fairly?

I Love You the Purplest

Author Barbara M. Joosse has done an amazing story showing how one mother divides her love equally and fairly between very different children. Sibling rivalry abounds, but you, too, can deal with it successfully after trying her methods. Parental assistance required until about the middle/end of Grade 1.

How do I get started homeschooling?

Homeschooling Hours of Operation

If you homeschool your kids, discourage visitors, including your preschooler's friends, during school hours. A clock-type sign on the door with a message such as "School's out at Noon" will help others respect your schedule.

What learning style is best?

Learning Styles

There are many learning styles. Read about the differences in auditory learning, kinesthetic learning and visual learning. Your child may lean strongly toward one way, or any combination of the above.

Need to distance your children from a problem?

Preschool Favorites with a Life Message

The entire "Berenstain Bears" series by Stan and Jan Berenstain, are valuable additions to your child's library. The titles reflect the themes well, e.g. "... And Too Much Junk Food", "Learn about Strangers", and "Forget Their Manners". Very entertaining and easily accepted by youngsters. Requires parental assistance until about Grade 2 for reading.

Does you child ever question a decision you have made?

Highly Recommended Book on Child Safety

Do you worry about the dangers your children will face in "the outside world?" The best parenting book I've ever read is Protecting the Gift by Gavin de Becker. It is essential reading for any parent -- Mr. de Becker teaches you how to protect your child from molesters and abusers, how to listen to your intuition, and how to teach your child the safety skills he or she needs to prevent them from becoming another criminal statistic. At times, it is terrifying to read, but absolutely necessary.

Is Home Schooling Legal?

Record Keeping Strategy

When sending in your letter of notification to your local school district, always use Return Receipt mail. That way you'll have proof that your letter was delivered.

How can I find a tutor?


If your child is having difficulty in a particular subject and you are unable to help, consider enlisting the aid of a tutor. See if their is an older child within the neighborhood that could help out.

Can disabled children be homeschooled?

Home Education for Disabled Kids

Children with disabilites can be home educated. There are support groups that can provide you with information and encouragement.

How do I deal with people that disapprove of homeschooling?

Dealing with Skepticism

Sometimes, it doesn't pay to convince skeptics. Your good example will be the key in the long run.

How do I find out more about homeschooling?

Home Education Support

Join a support group, or email list. Most home educating families love to share information and their experiences.

Need a quiet activity for small children?

Books for Bored Kids

The "I Spy" series of picture books will appeal to children age 3 and up. The picture graphics are a phenomenal background for a twist on the hide and seek game. Some parental assistance required.

How do I get started homeschooling?

Homeschooling Use of Space

When homeschooling, designate certain areas as school space. You will need a bookcase, a file cabinet with hanging files and folders, desk space for seat work, and a larger project area (save all shoeboxes!). Take advantage of other people's space as well. Go to the library for research projects, the park for painting, or grandma's house if she has the piano.

Does you child ever question a decision you have made?

Life Lessons

Any story by author Robert Munsch is definitely a keeper. "A Promise is a Promise" is based on Native Canadian folklore to teach children the dangers of ice and crevices.

How do I find out more about homeschooling?

Is Home Schooling Legal?

Yes, it is legal. In all 50 states. Contact your local support group for information on your state's home schooling regulations.

How do you teach morality issues with your kids?

Learning from TV

Watch television with your children. Discuss the different issues raised and ask your child questions about what's going on. If one person is lied to or cheated, ask your kid how they think that would make them feel. This is a great way to explore and teach morality issues to your child without preaching to them.

Need an introduction to a chapter book?

Harry Potter Series

By the end of Grade three, your nine year old can read alone and will certainly enjoy this series. With a setting that is magical, and characters that demand attention, author J.K. Rowling has even managed to overcome the initial "there aren't any pictures" objection. A recent survey done at a local public school showed these books to be the most popular from grades 3 to 8!

How do I find out more about homeschooling?

Home Education on a Budget

Home education doesn't have to be expensive. Your library is a wonderful resource, as are used curriculum fairs (local and on the internet).

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