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What do you do when you hear "I´m bored"?

Mom! I'm Bored!

Create a job jar. Cut those "to-do" lists apart with games and chores mixed together. Every time a child complains "I'm bored" have them draw a slip from the jar and do whatever is listed. This will be used more if the "jobs" are mostly fun, but it's all right to slip in a few real chores to make it more sporting.

How do I make play dough?

homemade scented play dough

Make homemade scented play dough with your children. Mix 2 1/2 cups of flour with 1/2 cup of salt. Add 2 envelopes of kool-aid (any flavor except lemonade). Meanwhile, bring 2 cups of water to the boil. Add the boiling water and 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the dry ingredients. Mix together. Be careful, it will be hot for a little while. Let the kids play with the scented dough. Dough can be stored in plastic bags for a few days.

How can I get sand off a body, easily?

At the Beach

Take baby powder with you to the beach. After the children get out of the sand, sprinkle them with baby powder, and the sand will fall right off of them. (This also works great for getting hair off after a haircut.)

When do I start to read to my children?

Reading to Your Children - Great advice

Encourage reading at a very early age. Even if you think your child is not listening, he or she is hearing different sounds and words when you read to them. Very good advice for new moms.

What type of quiet activities do you recommend for kids?

sleepover activites

Try this great activity for young children - when friends sleep over, use fabric markers to decorate big t-shirts (to be used as nightshirts) or pillowcases. This is a fun activity for kids of various ages.

Is there a best way to pack a suitcase?

Great advice for moms - Always Pack a Nightlight

Try this great advice - pack a small night-light when traveling with small children. When staying in new places, it makes for easier moving around in the middle of the night. It can also help young children more comfortable falling asleep in a strange place.

What learning skills are recommended for young kids?

Summer Activity - The Importance of Swimming Lessons

Be sure your child takes swimming lessons. Even if you aren't inclined to hang around water for fun, consider it a safety issue. This skill will also be helpful as you travel with your young children. It is a wonderful summer activity, and needs to be taken seriously.

What type of quiet activities do you recommend for kids?

ice cream watermelon activity

Halve and scoop out most, but not all of the flesh of a honeydew melon. Pack the honeydew with rasberry sherbert and freeze. Slice the honeydew into pieces, and let children press chocolate chips into the sherbert to look like seeds. A fun activity for young children, and very refreshing!!

When should children start writing in a diary or journal?

Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Encourage your grade-school child to keep a journal. This is excellent writing practice as well as a good outlet for venting feelings. Encourage your child to write about things that happen at home and school, about people (s)he likes or dislikes and why, things to remember or things the child wants to do. Especially encourage your child to write about personal feelings--pleasures as well as disappointments.

What are some good toddler activities?

Try this great idea - pudding painting activity

Make a box of instant pudding. Take your children outside and let them fingerpaint with the pudding. After, they can lick their fingers and you can get out the hose for some water fun!!! A great activity for young children. A wonderful summer craft.

Is there a best way to pack a suitcase?

Avoid Baggage Mix-Up

Tie a cotton bandana scarf to the handle of your bag, making it easier to identify at airports.

What are some good toddler activities?

Playing with Pots & Pans

Have a special drawer of older pots and pans just for your toddler to play with. They love to play with them when you are in the kitchen.

Can a child get burned from a hot seatbelt?

Car Seats Get Hot!

Make sure to check the temperature of the car seat before buckling your children in the car. Skin that touches a car seat surface over 150 degrees Fahrenheit can be severely burned in 1 second.

What activities can I offer kids on long drives?

Allow Extra Time

If you think it will take seven days for a vacation, plan for eight or nine. If you think it will take four hours to drive to your vacation spot, prepare for five or six. If you allow a little extra time, you will be able to rest and not be upset because you are late or lost.

Can I prevent fluids from leaking inside a suitcase?

Avoid Leaks When Packing

When packing bottles of shampoo and other liquids that are in plastic bottles, squeeze out some of the air and reseal. This creates a partial vacuum and helps prevent leakage.

What type of quiet activities do you recommend for kids?

Paper Towel Tie Dye

Show children how to put drops of food coloring on a paper towel to make designs and mix colors. Start with a dry towel, where the color stays in a fairly limited area. Then try a wet towel, where the color fans out. Experiment -- mix colors, create designs or blend edges of the color bursts. Make sure you have a washable, non-staining surface underneath the towel!

What games can small children play quietly when travelling?

Quiet Time For Children

To keep children quiet and busy in church or meetings, keep small magnets and paper clips in your purse for them to play with. Not suitable for children under three who still put everything in their mouths.

What can I tell stories about?

Photo Albums

Make a photograph album of your child from birth. Children love to look at themselves to see how they have changed. When they are old enough allow them to place the pictures in the album themselves.

How can I reduce the shadows in outdoor winter pictures?

Photography in Snow

When taking photos of friends and family frolicking in the snow, be sure to use a flash. This allows the faces of your subject to be perfectly illuminated, keeping strong winter shadows out of the picture.

How can I keep my suitcases from getting musty?

Preventing Musty Odors in Suitcases

To prevent musty odors in suitcases, place an individual fabric softener sheet inside empty luggage before storing.

What are some safety tips for travelling long distances?

When Visiting Others, Call Ahead

Always call ahead to the person you are going to visit and let them know the route you are traveling, your expected time of arrival, the make and color of your car, as well as its license plate state and number. If unforeseen problems arise they'll be able to report this information to the proper authorities.

How can I prevent motion sickness?

Motion Sickness?

If you're prone to motion sickness, you must take anti-motion sickness medication before leaving. Once you're on your way and starting to feel ill, it's too late for the medication to be of any benefit. If you are unexpectedly hit with a bout of motion sickness, try frequent stops, fresh air, and alternative treatments like ginger and chamomile to quell your queasiness.

What activities can I offer kids on long drives?

Vacation Planning

Plan your trips with your children. Get their ideas about things to do and see. Children who are involved in the planning have more ownership in the trip and will have more appreciation and fun.

Is there a best way to pack a suitcase?

Great advice - Be Prepared for Baggage Loss

Always include a card with your address on it INSIDE your luggage...just in case the outside luggage tag gets 'lost.' well. Have a printed "card for mom" with your name and important phone numbers made at "". This travel tip will be very handy in getting your luggage back if it ever gets lost.

Should I carry loose change in the car?

Be Sure to Take Spare Change

Hide smalls bills and coins in the car in case of an emergency. Making sure you have plenty of change for parking and tolls will ease the stress of your journey.

How can I survive loud music practice by my kids?

Loud instruments

We gave our daughter an old redone chicken coop for her own band room. That way she could practice the trumpet all she wanted.

Can you tell me some crafts to do with the kids?

Pine cone Wreaths

Start your Christmas crafts now. Take a walk on a local trail with the kids, everyone armed with a box or bag. Collect pine cones of all different shapes and sizes. Reward the child who collects the most in the time allotted. Store the cones in a dry place until you are ready to use. Some examples are peanut butter and birdseed coated cones as mini birdfeeders, wreaths, and firestarters.

How can I keep my kid interested in any travelling we have to do?

Vacation Journal

When going on vacation -- whether it be a trip to the city or camping in the wilderness -- get your kids to create and maintain a vacation journal. Even if they're too young to write, they can make picture collages (using photos from brochures, bits of old road maps, leaves, pressed flowers, etc.) to serve as a reminder of their journey. By the time they're grown up, they will have a tangible reminder of where they've been and what they've seen.

How do I make glue?

Paste, Not Glue...

Recently my daughter was bored and looking for something to do. She inquired as to whether or not I had picked up the glue that I had promised. Unfortunately, I did not. Instead, I decided to make her paste, the kind I had as a child: flour and water. Since then I have not had to buy another bottle of glue. It is a simple solution with products that are already in the house. We have also added food coloring to it for more variations and she just loves it!

Is there a best way to pack a suitcase?


Find a space in your vehicle in which to keep extra sunscreen, a small first aid kit, water, and a few non-perishable snacks. A change of clothing, too, if there's room, and extra diapers (and tampons or pads!) for those short day trips that are so much fun they turn into all-day trips!

How can I prevent motion sickness?

Child motion sickness

If you are planning a trip with a child that is prone to motion sickness, try out a dose of baby Gravol a week or so before you leave. Some children react with extreme hyperactivity rather that the slight sedative effect you were expecting.

Are there any discount days for popular attractions?

Special Events for Home Schoolers

Check with your local theme parks or tourist attractions. Many have "homeschooler's day" where only home educating families are allowed entrance, and many times admission is discounted.

Can I stop everything from melting/warming when we go on a picnic.

Packing a Cooler for Picnics

When going on a picnic, don't put your cooler in the trunk; carry it inside the air-conditioned car. Use a separate cooler for drinks so the one containing perishable food won't be constantly opened and closed. At the picnic, keep the cooler in the shade, and replenish the ice if it melts.

Is there a best way to pack a suitcase?

Need Extra Room in Your Suitcase?

Save your old clothes for vacation use. You can leave them behind, which will give you a little more space in your suitcase coming home. (We did this when we went to England and were lucky enough to find a charity bin for clothing donations right down the street from our hotel.)

What can I tell stories about?

Share Your Memories with Family Storytelling

Try this wonderful family activity - Reminisce about when you were little. Show pictures of yourself to your child, and relate some of your feelings about that particular time in your life. Describe things that happened at school or talk about what your favorite things to do were. Tell your child about your brothers and sisters or friends.

What activities can I offer kids on long drives?

Have Tapes, Will Travel

No matter how old your kids are, they will enjoy the boredom-busting experience of listening to a book on tape during your next long car trip. The whole family can listen or a portable player with headphones can be used. Younger kids can use a book & tape set to follow along in a book and practice word recognition. Check your local library -- many have audio books that they loan out at no cost.

What are valuable activities for kids to do?

Fun idea - winter picnic activity

In the middle of winter,try this fun "summer" activity - call a picnic night. Spread out a blanket, serve hot dogs and hamburgers, and even let the kids wear bathing suits if they want. This is a nice change from the cold and snow.

Can you tell me some crafts to do with the kids?


Paint a trellis your favorite color for year round focal point in the garden.

Can I stop everything from melting/warming when we go on a picnic.

Water & Ice To Go

Fill an empty soda bottle about 3/4 full with water, freeze it, and use in picnic cooler or backpack for your outings. You can drink the water when it melts, and you can use the empty bottle to get more water at a fountain or faucet.

How can I pack a sleeping bag without string?

Sleeping bag storage

If your child's sleeping bag doesn't have ties or elastic to help keep it in a roll, use a green garbage bag (until you find time to add the loops yourself).

Should I avoid specific foods when travelling?

Eating Abroad - Food Safety

Vacationers who travel outside of North America should not eat raw food, salads, uncooked vegetables, unpasteurized milk, and milk products such as cheese.

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