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How do you get out splinters?

Removing A Splinter

When you get a splinter here is an easy way of removing it: Before you reach for the tweezers try grabbing the scotch tape. Place the tape over the splinter and pull it back, this will remove the splinter without pain. Works great with kids; they can even do it themselves.

How do I know if my baby is getting enough breastmilk?

Breastfeeding Guesswork

It is true that you cannot measure, accurately, the volume of milk consumed by your breastfed baby. You can guage your results by the other end, however. Expect 6 - 8 wet diapers daily . This means that the volume has been sufficient. Bowel movements can range from 2 - 5 daily. This proves that the calories consumed have been sufficient.

Is there financial assistance available for disabled children´s needs?

Free Disability Equipment

My son needed some medically necessary equipment, which I could not afford ($2500). I tried to go through our insurance carrier, then Medicaid. A friend in NY gave me the phone number for Children's Charity Fund, 1-800-6-HELP-US. I called them, got my application, filled it out and Voila! My son now owns a Rifton Walker, free of charge. I thank God the Children's Charity Fund exists. You must do a lot of legwork, but who said life was easy?

Can I catch shingles from someone else?

Adult Chicken Pox

Shingles (Varicella Zoster Virus) outbreaks are not "caught" from other people. Coming into contact with someone who has shingles will not cause you to "catch" a case of shingles, although if you have never had chickenpox before, you might have a small risk of developing that condition.

How can I tell if baby is dehydrated?

How much did he weigh?

Fever and dehydration? For infants, the results of prolonged fever and dehydration can be measured by weight if an accurate baby scale is available. You will see baby's eyes seem larger, more shadowed , and more prominent than ever before.

What can I use vinegar for besides cooking?

Home Remedy for Swimmer's Ear

Got swimmer's ear? Make a mixture of white vinegar and water using equal parts. Use an eyedropper to apply several drops into the ear, several times a day.

What do I do when my child has a fever?

Medicine Taking

If your child needs medicinal aid to reduce a fever, let him choose the flavor or form to take. Fighting to push a tablet will only raise your blood pressure and his fever.

How does Chicken pox spread?

Signs and times

Chicken Pox (Varicella) is still one of the more common childhood diseases. There is now a vaccine available that may become mandated some time in the near future. This illness is spread by droplet and airborne means. As it starts with general flu like symptoms, every sneeze, cough, and 'sprayed' speaking incident could spread it to someone in the immediate vicinity.

How can I breastfeed discreetly in public?

Breastfeeding Discreetly

For discreet nursing, unbutton your shirt halfway or so from the bottom to nurse, instead of from the top. This will keep your top covered, and provide enough access for your baby to nurse.

How do I teach good toothbrushing habits?

Dental Care for Infants

Wipe baby's gums with a clean, damp cloth or gauze after each bottle-feeding or nursing. Brush twice daily with water and a rounded soft-bristled brush when the first tooth erupts. Most importantly, to prevent baby bottle decay (the decay that can occur when infants are put to bed with bottles of sweetened liquids), never put babies to bed with a bottle containing any sweetened liquid, including juice, formula or milk.

What do I do when my child has a fever?

I feel Heat.. Where's the fire?

Fevers usually don't indicate anything serious in kids that are relatively healthy. Although a child's rising temperature causes alarm in most parents, fever itself can actually be a good thing — it's often the body's way of fighting infections. Not all fevers need to be treated and sometimes introducing fever-reducing medicine can actually prolong the fever by not allowing it to run its course. High fever, however, can make your kids uncomfortable and worsen problems such as dehydration. Check with your doctor to determine the temperature at which your he or she needs to be notified.

How long is chicken pox contagious?

Spread the word, not the Pox

Chicken pox is highly contagious from 1 - 2 days before any spots become noticeable until all the lesions are scabbed over. It is only fair to warn parents of playmates, daycare and baby-sitters, teachers and other groups your child has been in touch with. Do this by phone, please.

No bowel movements from an exclusively breast fed baby?

No BM in the PM or the AM

No bowel movements from an exclusively breast fed baby? Don't panic. Don't worry, especially if your baby's disposition has not changed. After five (5) days, try a baby glycerin suppository.

What kind of sunscreen do I need for my child?

Choosing a Sunscreen

When choosing a sunscreen for your child, look for the words "broad-spectrum" on the label and make sure it's SPF 15 or higher.

What do I do when my child has a fever?

Freezies to the Rescue

Most drug stores now carry a special "replacement" for electrolyte loss from dehydration called "pedialyte". This comes in both fluid and (unfrozen) freezie form.

What can I do to relieve the itch of chicken pox?

Itchy and Scratchy Pox

Review with your doctor, over the phone, his/her recommendations for pain, irritability, itching, and scratching due to chicken pox. Expect to hear Tylenol/Advil for fever, Calamine lotion for spot itch, and possibly an oral antihistamine (e.g. Benadryl for kids) for overall and internal irritation relief.

How can I get my child to take medicine?

Meds on the mend

Wash the teaspoon or med cup out with hot soapy water before replacing it. You do not want the potential germs transferred inadvertantly to the next person to use it, or even to re-infect the sick baby.

What food should I give my child with a fever?

Fever Finds

Shop and stock up on seasonal freezies before they disappear from the grocery shelves. Fevers do not only happen in the summer months and freezies are near impossible to find when there is two feet of snow on the ground. They also make great mini ice packs.

Is it possible to breastfeed twins at the same time?

Breastfeeding twins

Positioning yourself to breastfeed twins simultaneously is only a challenge to you, mom. These babies have lived their entire lives in, on, and around each other.Just pull them together and close enough to reach a nipple each, and relax. Let the limbs fall as they may.

No bowel movements from an exclusively breast fed baby?

No BM in the AM or the PM

No bowel movements from an exclusively breast fed baby? After 5 days, check baby's temperature using a rectal thermometer. The stimulation of the rectum by the thermometer is often enough to start things flowing again. Stand back.

What are the complications of chicken pox?

Complications of Chicken Pox

Primary varicella pneumonia is a dreaded complication of chickenpox and is responsible for most fatalities. It is most commonly seen in adults, in immunocompromised children and also in most, if not all, fatal cases of neonatal chickenpox. It is rarely seen in older children.

How can I get my child to eat?

How can I get my child to eat?

When your child does eat, even if it is only a small amount, give him lots of praise. Remember that children will eat when they are hungry. If your child has a snack between meals, try and make sure it's something healthy, like fruit, so it's not seen as a reward for not eating his meals.

Will my newborn catch chicken pox from me?

Newborn Baby Pox

A newborn with signs of chickenpox that begin within the first 4 days of life has a good chance of complete recovery. Presumably, maternal immunity has appeared before delivery and has been transferred to the baby before birth.

What do I do when my child has a fever?

Medicinal Drugs

Temperature reducing drugs (acetominophen and ibuprofen) reccomend doseage by age. More accurately "age" means weight. Check the package insert for the correct weight to dose ratios. My two year old (60 lbs) needs a 5 - 11 year old dose of Tempra for full effect.

Will my child get scars from scratching Chicken Pox?

Scar Face

Scarring occurs frequently, especially in older children and adults, creating round, deep, scars, which are known as 'pock marks'. It is commonly said that picking the spots makes scarring more likely but most pock marks arise from pox that were NOT picked. These marks are permanent and they are unpredicatable.

Will my newborn catch chicken pox from me?

Baby Pox

The placenta acts as a (partial) barrier to infection throughout pregnancy. Only about one in six cases of maternal chicken pox will result in neonatal disease or complications.

Will my newborn catch chicken pox from me?

Newborn Chicken Pox

When an infant's mother develops chicken pox from 5 days before to 2 days after delivery, severe varicella of the newborn infant, with fatality rates as high as 30%, can result .

Do I have to isolate my child who has chicken pox?

Throw a poxed party?

When one of your children are exposed to chicken pox, don't fight it. Call all your child's friends and try to find a common exposure contact. You may be lucky enough to find that their best friend and a sibling or two were all infected at the same time. Great! Now they will have someone to play with during their time off school!

What do I do when my child has a fever?

Feverish Activity

Fever? Let the child's activity level guide you to how frequently to medicate him/her. Some kids are perfectly content and not at all bothered carrying a 103°+F temp and others are flattened with a 38.5°C one.

How long will this bleeding go on after baby´s birth?

Post Partum Period - Lochia

Delivery of your baby and the placenta will leave the inside of the uterus raw, like a grazed shin. Contractions of the uterus are like applying pressure to a scrape or cut, and are beneficial. The healing of this area takes time - about 6 weeks. During this time, you will notice the changes as the lochia (period-like flow) changes from mostly blood to blood tinged to clear yellowish mucus.

My child is terrified of white labcoats. What can I do?

Preparing your child for Surgery

Take advantage of a hospital tour before surgery if at all possible. Include the route to the admitting department, the way to the change area, the narrow stretchers and cribs, the OR, and the recovery room. Note all the new noises and sights. Try to meet or greet any personnel that may be involved with the surgery.

How can I prevent cracked nipples from breastfeeding?

Cracked Nipples?

Cracked nipples from breast feeding? Express a little breast milk and use as a moisturizer on nipples and areolas. Don't stop breastfeeding!

No bowel movements from an exclusively breast fed baby?

No BM in the PM or the AM

No bowel movements from an exclusively breast fed baby? If baby's disposition has become irritable, check his temperature and increase feedings to increase fluid intake.

What are tooth friendly snacks?

Snacks That Prevent Tooth Decay

Some snacks that prevent tooth decay include: Cheese, all-natural peanut butter, nuts and seeds, meat, fish and poultry, olives and dill pickles, milk, and plain yogurt.

How do you stop poison ivy itch?

Home Remedy for Poison Ivy

Mix together cornstarch, oatmeal and baking soda; add water to form a paste. Apply directly to the rash.

What is a normal temperature?

What is a normal temperature?

Fever? Normal temperatures are 98.6F or 37C. by mouth, slightly higher(about half a degree) for rectal , and slightly lower( about half a degree) for underarm(auxilla). Forehead and ear thermometers read somewhere between auxilla and mouth.

Wht does baby cry after breastfeeding?

Re-evaluate your priorities

I had to re-arrange my entire at-home routine to be able to either work one handed or no-handed in order to carry, push or pull my clingy, constantly crying infant. He did eventually outgrow it, and to this day, he remains the first one to spontaneously hug me or ask me about my feelings. The efforts were certainly well worth it in my book.

How can I get my child to eat?

Fussy Eaters

Try to have your meals together and to eat the same foods as you are giving her. Let her see that you are enjoying your meal.

Is there a best time to apply sunscreen?

Protecting Baby's Delicate Skin

Sunscreen should be part of your every-day routine. Even if your child doesn't seem to burn, sun damage can occur. And be sure to put it on yourself!

What do I do when my child has a fever?

Medicinal Drugs

Temperature reducing drugs come in a variety of flavors and delivery methods. e.g. dropper doses, syrup, chewable tablets, quick dissolve tablets and suppositories. You may need to try more than one to find the best for your child to take with minimum fuss and fights. Total rejection is not an option.

Can anyone breastfeed?

Baby colic

Sometimes, your diet is reflected in your breastmilk. If the baby tends to complain of colic (crying for no other apparent reason) consider when the last time you ate cabbage, broccoli, onions, garlic or corn. The good news is a diet that avoids fatty foods, like butter, cream and mayonnanise, will help reduce a breastfed baby's potential colic. The bad news is, chocolate really aggravates baby's gas.

How can I get my child to eat?

Fussy Eating Habits Can be Broken

Don't comment on whether she is eating her food or not, and try to keep meal times calm and happy. Keep presenting your child with a variety of foods, including those you know she will eat.

What do I do when my child has a fever?

Toss the Toothbrush

After a round of antibiotics for a throat, ear, nose or chest infection, throw out and replace the affected child's toothbrush. Lots of bugs and germs thrive in warm, dark and moist places.

How can I tell if baby is dehydrated?

Feed a fever?

Fever and dehydration? Besides losing body fluids, important minerals and electrolytes are leeched from normal sources. Salt (sodium, Na) and Potassium (K) are very susceptible. You can replace these easily with child favorites, like potato chips and bananas. Carbonated beverages, like ginger ale and Coke are also sources of these missing links.

How can I prevent cracked nipples from breastfeeding?

Cracked nipples?

Cracked nipples from breast feeding? Stop using soap when showering. Let the shampoo rise be enough. Don't stop breastfeeding.

How can I get my child to eat?

Accepting likes and dislikes

If your child still refuses to eat much at meals, simply accept it, but make sure she stays at the table until everyone else has finished. Don't let him fill up on snacks between meals, and praise him when he does eat well.

How big is a uterus?

The Uter-House

The normal size of an unpregnant uterus (uter-house) is like a closed fist. Pregnancy stretches it like a large balloon filled with baby, amniotic fluid and placenta. After you deliver your baby, the uterus must contract its muscles back to the original, compact size. Lack of contents and natural hormones will start the process. The stimulation of breastmilk expression is one way to kick in the body's hormones to do the job. The entire process takes up to 6 weeks to complete.

How often should I breastfeed my newborn?

Breastfeeding from Birth

At birth, nurse early and often to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

Where can I get more breastfeeding information?

Breastfeeding Support Group

Attend a local La Leche League meeting. You'll see other moms nursing their babies discreetly, have access to their library of books on breastfeeding, nutrition, parenting, etc and be able to ask any kind of breastfeeding question you might have.

How long does it take for the uterus to return to normal size ?

Post Partum: Firm is Best

A 'boggy' uterus is not a good thing. Some physicians will prescribe drugs immediately post partum to speed up the contractions. Post delivery nurses and doctors will check the size of the uterus and its initial retraction progress. This is done by firm pressure around the level of your belly button. Be prepared for a 'gush' as any blood and fluid will be expelled when checking.

How can I prevent cracked nipples from breastfeeding?

Air Dry After Feeding

In the early postpartum period or until her nipples toughen, the breastfeeding mother should air dry them after each nursing to prevent them from cracking, which can lead to infection. If her nipples do crack, the mother can coat them with breast milk or other natural moisturizers to help them heal. Vitamin E oil and lanolin are commonly used, although some babies may have allergic reactions to them.

Are food cravings normal during pregnancy?

Craving or Warning Signal?

While cravings are normal during pregnancy, strange cravings -- such as for ice, clay, or starch -- can indicate an iron deficiency. Report any such unusual cravings to your doctor.

What happens during an allergic reaction?

Allergic Reactions to Bug Bites

Symptoms of an allergic reaction to an insect bite include: Hives, itching or rash away from the bite area, swollen lips or eyelids, swelling of the throat, difficult or noisy breathing (wheezing), and decreased consciousness.

When should I take my child to the Dr. if he/she has chicken pox?

Let's talk Pox... on the phone

Give a quick call to your family doctor if you strongly suspect chicken pox has arrived at your house. Don't show up in a clinic or office and have to sit in a crowded waiting room full of truly sick people who could be made even more ill by contact with your child.

What do I do when my child has a fever?

Got the shivers.

Fever? Shivering is a normal body reaction to try to speed up the extreme heat release. Don't sabotage Mother Nature by bundling up the child. Snuggle up, instead.

What do I do when my child has a fever?

no BM in the AM or PM

Fever and dehydration? Expect bowel movements to become less frequent and a lot harder to pass. This is due to the water content being recycled out of the stool and used to help decrease a fever. Keep the child drinking.

Can I breastfeed twins at the same time?

Breastfeeding Twins

Trying out different positions for breastfeeding twins simultaneously is only challenging to you, mom. These babies are used to being up close and personal with their twin. So, get yourself comfortable first, then just pull them close so that there is a mouth at each breast. Let the body parts lie as they will.

How can I get my child to eat?

Fussy Eating Patterns

As time goes on, you will probably identify those foods that your child consistently refuses to eat. Perhaps this will be anything "green" or "smelly". Work with the pattern that emerges. Stop forcing broccoli and blue cheese, and stick with yellow beans and cheddar. Accepting your child's preferences is a concession easily made.

How can I keep mealtime peaceful?


Try to have peace at the dinner table. Allow everyone to say something positive about their day.

Are your kids more likely to use drugs or alcohol?

Drug & Alcohol Use & Abuse

Children tend to copy their parents' behavior. Children whose parents smoke, for example, are more likely to become smokers. Evaluate your own use of tobacco, alcohol, prescription medicines, and even over-the-counter drugs. Consider how your attitudes and actions may be shaping your child's choice about whether or not to use alcohol or other drugs.

What do I do when my child has a fever?

Medicine time

Never refer to medicine as "candy" to lure your youngster into compliance. Medicine is medicine. Treat it with respect and use only as necessary. Keep drugs locked away from climbers and explorers.

No bowel movements from an exclusively breast fed baby?

No BM in The AM or the PM

No bowel movements from an exclusively breast fed baby? Check your own diet and increase your fluids and fruits.

Can I get chicken pox as an adult?

Adult Chicken Pox

After recovery from childhood chicken pox, the Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV)is not eliminated from the body but rather, the virus lies dormant (latent), often for decades, in the sensory nervous system. Latent infection may reactivate, in which case the result is an episode of shingles. This usually happens in older people, perhaps because, with advancing age, the immune system fails to keep the virus in check.

What do I do when my child has a fever?

Keep Drinking

Fever? The body uses and loses fluids very quickly and efficiently during fever. Replace these fluids by offering drinks every 1/2 hour while your child is awake.

Why does baby cry after breastfeeding?

Colic is everyone's problem.

When babies cry, they swallow air and this adds to a colic state. Your baby may just be a huggy/kissy, tactile one that really does need a lot of holding, more than you 'think' you have time to devote. That is where your critical audience comes in (husband, in-laws, friends etc.) - use them. Let them hold the baby for a spell. It is amazing how many tasks can wait until you have two hands or arms with which to do them.

Why does baby cry after breastfeeding?


When babies cry, they swallow air and this adds to a colic state. So keeping the peace by holding and/or carrying the baby for longer periods of time after each daytime feed and burb, may be necessary.

What is the proper positioning for breastfeeding?

Proper Positioning

Proper positioning for breastfeeding: The baby's mouth should be wide open, with the nipple as far back into his or her mouth as possible. This minimizes soreness for the mother.

How often do you need to wash your hands?

Hand Washing for Better Health

Teach your kids to wash their hands often (before meals, after using the rest room, etc.). Hand-washing has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent germs from spreading.

How long is chicken pox contagious?

Avoiding some company

Caution: If you have friends who are pregnant or are actively trying to get pregnant, or have newborns (especially bottle fed ones) or family members with a weakened immune system (leukemia, transplants, aids) warn them of the chicken pox kids' exposure and avoid contact until all the scabs have have dried and fallen off. These people with weakened or negligible immune systems could die from contracting the chicken pox (varicella).

Wht does baby cry after breastfeeding?


Babies do not cry without a reason. If you suspect that gas is the root of the problem, you have to decide whether you are ready to modify your own diet or not. If no, then you have to learn to deal with the possibility that the baby LOVES what you are feeding her, she drinks way more than she needs, and she gets gas as a result. So... burb her more often. For example: if you only burb her between breasts, now, then stop her and try every 1 minute. Use an egg timer or a second hand if necessary.

How can I prevent cracked nipples from breastfeeding?

Soothing Relief for Beginning Breastfeeders

This is the strangest bit of advice I ever got in my prenatal classes... When you first start breastfeeding and your nipples get chafed and sore, the best thing in the world is to put a cool wet teabag on them. I don't know why it works, but it does!

How long are shingles contagious?

Adult Chiken Pox = Shingles

Because the rash of shingles contains varicella zoster virus (VZV), the infection can theoretically be passed on during the time that the rash (blisters or sores) is visible. Healing scabs are not infectious. The typical duration of the shingles rash is 2 to 5 weeks if untreated, but shorter if antiviral agents are used.

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