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How can I be an organized working mom?

picking out clothing

Pick out your outfit and your child's the night before. This will save time (and possible fights!) in the morning. If they are old enough, let them set out their own outfit.

How can I be an organized working mom?

grocery shopping

Spend a few minutes planning a weekly menu and shopping list. You'll go to the grocery store once, not a few times, and won't spend time each day deciding what is for dinner.

How can I be an organized working mom?

following routines

Follow the same routines each day so your children know what to expect. Your days will run more smoothly.

How can I be an organized working mom?

independent children

Let children do all they can by themselves. This helps them feel independent, and frees your time to do the things you need.

How can I be an organized working mom?

managing your home life

Apply the same skills to your home life as you do to your work life, and you will find more time for fun and much less stress.

What can I do when my child gets sick and I have to work?

sick days

Have an advance plan for the days your child gets sick. Think about using your sick days, splitting the day with your husband, or working from home if that is a possibility. Some hospitals have "sick rooms" for children.

How can I be an organized working mom?


Make kid-friendly meals in advance or cook something quick and easy. Have a sandwich night each week.

How can I help with my child´s class when I work?

help with school days

You can help with your child's school in many ways. Volunteer to plan parties, make phone calls, or donate snacks for parties.

How can I be an organized working mom?

smooth mornings

Pack your children's lunches and backpacks the night before. Make sure library books and homework are in the backpacks so you are not running around in the morning looking for these items.

How can I be an organized working mom?

gift labels

Buy preprinted gift labels and note pads. Use the gift labels on birthday presents. No more running around at the last minute for cards. Buy preprinted note pads for school notes, you'll just have to fill in the blanks for things such as: my child will be picked up today by _______, and please excuse my child's absence on _________.

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