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Can I prevent tangled hair?

Knots in hair

Smooth a little conditioner through the hair with your hands. Wait a couple of minutes then brush again. Repeat if necessary.

How do I keep a child´s fingernails clean?

Keep Nails Short

Use baby fingernail clippers to trim finger and toe nails. Children never seem to stay still long enough to do all at the same time. Do hands after one bath, toes after the next.

How warmly do I dress a baby?

Dress by Example

Having trouble deciding what, or how much to dress the baby in? If you are wearing shorts and a tank top, baby needs only a diaper and undershirt. Forget the blankets!

How can I dress my kids in the morning more efficiently?

Dress by Example

Want to encourage hats staying on a child's head? Be a role model and wear one yourself every time you go outside.

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