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When do I start teaching kids to write ´Thank you´ notes?

Thank You Notes

Teach your children early on that thank you notes are mandatory and should be sent after receiving a present. Even the littlest ones can draw a picture or write their name. Make thank-you notes a ritual and it will become second-nature as the kids get older.


Hostess Gifts - Flowers

Fresh flowers are a stunning and appreciated hostess gift but they can also be fussy and time consuming to attend. If this is your idea of choice, consider having them delivered earlier than your own arrival.

What is an appropriate hostess gift?

Hostess Gifts- Wine and Dine

I cannot think of any host or hostess that would outright refuse the acknowledgment of thanks for an invitation to dinner! The most common example is a bottle of
wine that may or may not be used at the actual meal (hostess' prerogative)

Which side/bread plate is mine at the dinner table?

Which Bread Plate is Mine?

The bread plate you should use is the one on the left side of your place setting.

Is there an easy way to keep track of who to write thank you notes to?

Baby Gift Thank You Notes

Being overwhelmed with the new arrival in your life is no excuse for not sending a thank you note to someone who gave you and your little one a present. At your baby shower, hand out the envelopes that go with your thank you notes and ask your guests to address an envelope to them (or ask the party's hostess to do make the request for you). You still have to write the thank you notes, but you don't have to worry about updating your address book or tracking down Great Aunt Marie's zip code.

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