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How can I be organized for my baby?

"Emergency" Bag for the Car

Great advice for new moms - keep an extra diaper bag in the trunk of your car. In it have one of everything: diaper, small container of wipes, change of clothes, pacifier, etc. When you walk out of the house without replenishing your wipes or grabbing the pacifier, you will be happy to know you have an extra one in the car.

How can a make middle of the night feeding shorter?

late night feedings-care for an infant

To help make those middle of the night feeding last as few months as possible, do not make them exciting. Keep the room as dimly lit as possible, and this is not the feeding that you want to sing and cuddle with your baby. Feed the baby, change the baby, and get him back to sleep. Remember, this is not something you want him to enjoy. As a new mom, you'll need as much sleep as you can get.

Should I let my husband help?

Let Your Husband Help You

Great advice for new moms. Even though you think that no one can take care of your baby better than you, it's important for Dad to form a bond with the new baby, too. Give him some time alone with the baby for feedings, diaper changes and playtime. Chances are his way of doing things will be different from yours, but that doesn't make his way wrong...just different. Relish in receiving the help that you need. And, go take a nap!

How can I teach my baby to be independent?

Try this great advice - teach your baby independence

Great advice for moms and babies -as soon as your baby is finished eating, place her in a safe place with toys. This may be on the floor with those toys that go over her head, or in a bouncy seat with toys attached. As this is her most content time, you can teach her to be alone, and most likely she will be happy. This will help as she gets older to learn how to entertain herself for small amounts of time. A great tip for new moms!!

How can I feel confident?

Trust Your Instincts

Remember, you know your baby better than anyone else. Trust your insticts!!! Every day that goes by you will know more than you did about being a mommy than the day before.

How can I teach my baby good sleep habits?

good advice to develop good sleep habits

To help care for your new baby - teach your baby to get himself to sleep by putting him down awake. When you know your baby is tired, have him fall asleep in his crib without you holding, patting, or rocking him. It will teach him to get himself to sleep, without creating bad habits that will have to be broken later. Great advice for new mothers!!!

What do I do with a dirty diaper when there is no garbage?

Dirty Diaper Disposal Advice

Great idea for moms- keep a ziploc bag with a fabric softener sheet enclosed in your diaper bag. For those times when it is not convenient to dispose of a dirty diaper right away, the scent of the fabric softener sheet will replace the smell of the diaper.

Is there a right way to change diapers?

Diaper-Changing Safety Advice for New Moms

Try this good advice for changing your baby - never turn your back on your baby when she's on her changing table. Keep one hand on her at all times during a diaper change - it will make both of you feel more secure. A safe way to care for your newborn baby.

How can I be organized for my baby?

Cordless Headset

Buy a cordless headset telephone. You will be able to talk and still have two hands free to help with your baby, laundry, dinner, or whatever else you need to do.

How can I teach my baby good sleep habits?

Pacifier Help

Great advice for moms and babies - if your baby takes a pacifier, place several in her crib by her head each night. When it falls out, she can reach around and find one without crying for you. Great tip to help new moms get a little more sleep!!!


Doctor Visits

Here's a great tip for new moms - the best time to schedule a doctor's appointment for your baby is first thing in the morning or right after lunch. The doctor is at his most attentive during these times.

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