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How can I save money ordering online?

save money on internet ordering

Try this EASY money saving tip - before you place an online order, always check with a website like "pricezilla.com" for any current coupon codes. You can sometimes get free shipping, or a percent off your purchase.

How can I remember to use my coupons?

use those coupons

How many times have you found yourself at your favorite store and then remembered that you had a coupon at home? Try this good advice for moms - after you cut coupons for your favorite stores, keep them in an envelope in your car. That way, when you find yourself at the store, the coupons are already there.

How can I save money at the grocery store?

cut coupons to save money

When you make your grocery list each week, sit down with the store's circular and your coupons. Compare the specials and pull your coupons out before you go. You will be amazed at what you can save, and sometimes even get items for free!! A quick money saving tip!!

How can I save money on snacks?

Easy money saving tip - make your own individual bags

Buying snacks like chips and pretzels in individual servings costs much more than the large bags. Try this money saving tip - buy the larger bags and when you have a few minutes, make a bunch of individual servings for lunches or on the go snacks. It won't take long, but you will save a lot!!

How can I save money on birthday presents?

quick money saver - games for gifts

An easy money saving tip - watch your newspaper circulars. A couple of times a year, ToysRUs has all the popular games buy one, get one free. Stock up on the games that are appropriate for your children's ages. They will come in very handy, and are great gifts.

How can I save money on outdoor furniture?

outdoor furniture savings advice

When you are in the market for outdoor furniture, wait until July 4th. Most stores still have a very good selection, and it gets marked down early in July, as the fall merchandise will be coming in soon.
A practical money saving tip.

How can I save money on attractions?

save money on tourist attractions

Try this easy money saving tip - when you are planning a day trip to a museum, aquarium, or an amusement park, check their website for any coupons offered. You can also call the attraction and ask if there are any special offers. Sometimes, there are coupons available a nearby businesses, and if you are on vacation, you wouldn't have seen the advertisements on tv.

How can I save money on school supplies?

practical money saving on school supplies

School supplies go on sale before school starts each year. Buy enough for the year, not just what you need to get started. The prices are so much higher after school starts on things you will need later, like crayons, pens, markers, glue, scissors and more. By stocking up early, you can use this tip for saving money on supplies for the whole school year.

How can I save money for the holidays?

money saving tip for holiday cards

A great money saving tip and also a time saving tip - buy your printed holiday/Christmas cards early. Many printers give large discounts for ordering early. If you write your own, buy them for almost nothing after Christmas.

How can I save money on birthday presents?

gift labels

Buy preprinted gift labels for all the birthday parties your child(ren) get invited to. It is much less expensive than all those birthday cards. As a bonus, once the labels are in your home, no more last minute errands to buy the card!! Try "customexpression.com", a great website for buying labels and other personalized printed items. A great money saving tip and also a time saving tip.

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