Buy Museum and Zoo Memberships

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Buy Museum and Zoo Memberships

If you think buying a museum or zoo membership is too expensive, think again. Buying a one-year membership might just be the most cost-effective purchase you make all year. Consider that most zoos and museums have reciprocity agreements that allow either free or discounted admission to other locations nationwide. To get more bang-for-your-buck, buy one membership but use it at several different locations. For example, a Detroit Science Center membership offers free general admission to more than 250 other science and technology centers near and far. Our membership allowed us to get into the South Florida Science Museum for free on a recent trip to West Palm Beach. We also received free admission to several other local museums within a one-hour drive from our house. When we need a change of pace and some new scenery, I grab the kiddos, pack a lunch and head out to a museum that we might not otherwise visit if the admission wasn’t free. You can’t beat free!



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