Birthday Too Close to Christmas?

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Should you combine Christmas with December birthday events?

Birthday Too Close to Christmas?

Don't you feel sorry for the kids whose birthdays fall close to Christmas? I had a friend whose son's birthday fell in the week before Christmas. They made it their family tradition to not put up the Christmas tree or any other Christmas decorations until AFTER his birthday, so that his day was just as special and focused upon as it would have been in August. What a great way to make a kid feel special!



7/13/2009 12:32:18 AM
Jen said:

I'm faced with that very problem with the new baby, it's due December 17th. My Dr promised he wouldn't let me go late, I really wouldn't want it to be born any closer to Christmas as it's already going to be. Now I'm a huge fan of the holiday, and I don't know that I could avoid decorating until after, (usually start decorating Nov 12th) But I think the the bambino is a little older we'll plan our birthday parties to be out of the home.


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