Encourage Your Child(ren) to Write Thank-You Letters

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Encourage Your Child(ren) to Write Thank-You Letters

Children from preschool-age on up should practice writing every day, so why not encourage them to write their own thank-you notes? Writing thank-you notes serves at least three purposes 1) recognizes a gift or friendliness 2) improves writing and 3) begins a necessary life-time habit

It doesn’t matter if your child is three or 13, he can write a thank-you note. Younger children may need help with letter formation and older children with verbiage but any age can crank out a well-written thank-you note.

Thank-you notes don’t need to be limited to gift-giving. Writing a thank-you note for a simple gesture is a sure-fire way to cement your child’s likability into someone’s brain. Some simple ideas for thank-you notes, beside the requisite thank-you-for-the gift, include:

1. Teacher: for extra help with reading or math assignments

2. Neighbor: for inviting your child over to swim

3. Bus driver: for ensuring your child is delivered safely to school each day

4. Grandma: for babysitting at a moment’s notice

Thank-you note ideas are endless. Get your kids into the practice of writing thank-you notes and not only will their writing improve, they will develop essential interpersonal habits.



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